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Sassy Secret Synthetic Lace Wigs Collection

Our Synthetic lace front wigs are made with the highest quality soft Swiss lace. Unlike most synthetic lace front wigs that use a thick rough plastic lace. Our competitors' synthetic lace front wigs also have only 1.5 of lace while Sassy Secret synthetic lace front wigs feature 3.5 of lace from the hairline, allowing you to have a longer part. We use a high quality heat resistant synthetic fiber that is designed to last a long time with proper care. We also use a High Quality synthetic fiber that has "memory," which allows the original styling to be restored, even after several washes.

Synthetic hair is easier to handle, due to its ability to hold the basic curl after washing. Most of them require very little styling after washing. The life of a good synthetic wig can be six months to a year, depending on how often it is worn and the type of care. Synthetic wigs are more natural-looking than ever before. Synthetics can be shampooed and dried naturally with minimal care. Less costly than human hair wigs, they retain their style well, but the style cannot really be changed. This is why the majority of women who want to wear their wigs regularly, will have at least two wigs in slightly or vastly different styles.

Our Synthetic lace wigs are extremely light to wear; the average wig is between 4 and 6 oz. Synthetic wigs come in pre-cut styles and hold their shape even after washing. As they are economical, you can afford to change your style, or have a couple in different styles. Our Sassy Tress synthetic lace wigs are a great option for someone who wants minimal maintenance and affordability.