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Sassy Secret Instructional Videos
Lace wig application for Extended Wear

Lace wig application made easy! This video demonstrates how to achieve a flawless long lasting lace wig application using Mastix "P' Spirit Gum and Adhesive tape. This video shows how you can glue your flesh tone cap down to avoid shifting as well as cutting of the flesh tone seam for a more natural parting. To purchase the Application kit featured on this video CLICK HERE
You may also use Ultra Hold Adhesive with this method of application. Ultra hold adhesive is very strong and is more difficult to use therefore we do not recommend it for beginners.
* Model is wearing Sabrena 20" Spanish Wave
Washing your Lace Wig  

Wash your lace wig with great care. This video demonstrates the dos and dont's of washing your lace wig. Using botanical products on your lace wig is highly recommended. Human hair must be conditioned at least once every two weeks to keep it from drying up. 
We highly recommend using Botanical Hair products on your lace wig. Click Here to view our collection of Botanical, alcohol free products.
You MUST use products made specifically for Synthetic hair on your Synthetic Lace Wig. Click Here for products specifically formulated for synthetic hair.

How to Apply a Glueless Full Lace Wig and the Differences between Glueless, Full Lace and Lace Front caps


This video demonstrates the differences between Remy Full Lace Wigs, Glueless Full Lace Wigs and Remy Lace Front Wigs.  The video shows a 360 degree angle of up close and personal shots of five of our most popular cap constructions:  two full lace caps (Caps #1 and 3), two glueless caps (Caps # 9b and 9c) and our 3.5" lace front cap.  

The video also demonstrates how fast & easy it is to install our Sassy Secret Glueless Full Lace Wigs.

Lace Wig Hair Textures:  Silky, Kinky, Light Yaki & Fine Yaki

Are you a newbie to the world of Lace Wigs? This Lace Wig 101 video describes the differences between four of the available lace wig hair textures: silky, kinky, light yaki and fine yaki. It also shows the differences between straight, curly and wavy full lace wigs. The video also features our best sellers in each category.  Need help deciding which lace wig will work best for you?  This video will help!

How to make your Lace Wig last longer:  Lace Wig care & Tips to prevent shedding

Want to get the most our of your Lace Wig and make it last longer?  This video is a must see!  This tutorial goes beyond Lace Wig 101 and features 8 Tips for how to care for and make your Lace Wig last longer.  The tips are designed to help prevent shedding of your lace wig.