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Kamo Knot Lace Wigs
New! Kamo Knot - Camouflaged Knots for natural looking hair line and partings!

Better than bleached knots! Kamo Knot Full Lace Wig- Sassy Secret is proud to launch our new line of Kamo-Knot lace wigs. Kamo-knots are the most undetectable lace wigs since the silk top. The knots are camouflaged by dyeing the root of the hair with a light color dye, (usually color #4 or lighter). This surpasses the "bleached knots" effect, without the use of bleach. The light color roots significantly decreases the visibility of the knots, as they blend in with the lace. With the knots camouflaged, the hair truly looks like it is growing out of your scalp. The knots are barely detectable by the human eye. more...

*No Additional Charge for KAMO knots for a limited time

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